Preschool | Lollipops and Dragons Daycare, LLC - Weslaco, TX

Preschool aged children are naturally inquisitive and quick learners. During this time in a child’s life, educators can make a huge difference. It has been proven time and time again by psychologists and social scientists that children who have had the opportunity to attend a qualified preschool are placed at a huge advantage later in life.

Social Skills For Life

Children who are preschool aged are ready to become socialized. With the correct guidance, they are able to grasp the concepts of sharing, taking turns and other important principles, which are vitally important to human interaction. Although children learn many important lessons related to interpersonal interactions form their parents and siblings in the home environment, being part of a group of peers their own age in a preschool setting makes these important lessons more natural.

The Importance Of Routine

It is also necessary that preschool aged children become familiarized with a routine. At Lollipops and Dragons Daycare, LLC in Weslaco, TX, there are set meal and snack times where the children are taught to wash their hands before and afterwards. Proper table manners and etiquette are also actively encouraged.

Fine And Gross Motor Skills

We provide fun activities, which the children enjoy. Additionally, many of the arts and crafts the children engage in have actually been carefully thought out in order to help develop motor skills.

For example, finger painting improves gross motor skills, while tracing and activities with beads and string reinforce fine motor skills. These preschool activities give the child an enormous leg up when they reach kindergarten and begin to learn to write.