Day Care

Day Care

Day Care | Lollipops and Dragons Daycare, LLC - Weslaco, TX

As more and more families in Weslaco, TX, are pulling in double income, more and more parents need to find a qualified, day care center they can trust. Lollipops and Dragons Daycare, LLC provides a quality day care service for parents of infants, pre-teens and all ages in between. We are open from six thirty am to six pm, Monday to Friday.

We provide the children under our supervision with toys, playground equipment and educational activities that are age appropriate, and all our staff is trained in first aid and CPR.


As a licensed day care center in the state of Texas, we adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by The Department of Family Protection Services. In regards to the care of infant children, the regulations require that the absolute maximum ratio of children to caregivers be four to one. Having this small number of children per staff member assures that each child is able to form a meaningful bond with their caregiver, and that the caregiver can concentrate on the few children under his/her care.


Toddlers are extremely mobile and naturally curious. As a result, a conscientious day care center must take special safety precautions. At Lollipops and Dragons Daycare, LLC, all of our electrical outlets are safeguarded with child proof coverings, and all our furniture is low and anchored to the walls in order to avoid any accidents. None of the toys in the toddler area pose any choking hazards, and the cribs and cots are placed away from any blinds or cords.

School Aged Children

As children grow older, they require more and more independence. We provide supervised after school care for school aged children of working parents. Our staff monitors the children as they play, learn and interact with their peers.