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Preschool | Lollipops and Dragons Daycare, LLC - Weslaco, TX

Preschool aged children are naturally inquisitive and quick learners. During this time in a child’s life, the right educators really can make...

Day Care

Day Care | Lollipops and Dragons Daycare, LLC - Weslaco, TX

As more and more families in Weslaco, TX, are pulling in double income, more and more parents need to find a qualified, reputable day care...

Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development | Lollipops and Dragons Daycare, LLC - Weslaco, TX

At Lollipops and Dragons Daycare, LLC you will find the most qualified and most passionate team of child care professionals in the Weslaco...


“Where kids can be a king.”

Welcome To Lollipops and Dragons Daycare, LLC

The effects of early childhood education last a lifetime. Every loving parent wants the best start in life for their child, and in the Weslaco, TX area, Lollipops and Dragons Daycare, LLC provides parents with the best option when it comes to early childhood development. We offer a safe, well supervised day care space for infants, toddlers, pre-school and afterschool children.

The center’s director is a certified educator who has created a specialized curriculum for children of all ages, focusing on the child’s development needs. Child educators get training in CPR and first aid and receive 24 hours of training in early childhood education a year. Your child is our absolute priority.

We provide your child with a consistent, nurturing, and stimulating environment filled with age appropriate toys and activities designed to aid in the development of his or her literacy, social skills, hygiene, arithmetic, hand eye coordination and musculature. You will be thrilled at the progress you observe in your child’s abilities.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff know how to identify your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and other special needs, and know how to attune their approach and methods accordingly. Each individual child is different, and when a child is recognized as having a special talent or ability, the proper positive reinforcement really can go a long way. At the same time, if a child is seen as having difficulty with a given life skill, our child care professionals know how to remedy the problem without damaging the child’s self-esteem.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to the education and development of your son or daughter. At Lollipops and Dragons Daycare, LLC, we are the best at what we do. Space is limited, so please don’t delay in setting up an appointment with our staff. Please contact us today. Where a kid can be a king. Call us today! (956) 647-5262